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We are committed to creating blockchain based payment solutions that will power seamless and cheap cross-border transactions in Africa and also create better spend use cases for the exponentially growing base of crypto adopters on the continent.


Our mission

In everything we do, we believe that alternatives help us truly exercise our freedom as a people. Our mission is to help people exercise their freedom by providing them the option of payment solutions that affords them the opportunity to easily access finance, pay and get paid, without fear or limitations caused by geography or inadequate and unavailable financial infrastructure.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Ivorypay?

Ivorypay is the most comprehensive blockchain-based all-in-one payment infrastructure designed to accelerate the growth of online businesses. The infrastructure has been developed to assist businesses in accepting cryptocurrency payments from customers worldwide.

How does Ivorypay work?

Businesses can deploy any of our payment suites that their customers find to be the most convenient to receive crypto payments. This could be payment links, payment buttons, checkout, or even our QR code feature.

What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose values are pegged to more established currencies such as the US dollar. Stablecoins serve as a bridge between traditional currencies and the crypto space. Stablecoins are used as a medium of exchange and to preserve the value of funds in the cryptocurrency market.

What is the difference between payment button and payment link?

A payment button allows a business to accept payment right on their website by embedding HTML code snippets. Typically, the customer is directed to an overlay form where they can enter payment information and securely complete transactions.

What stablecoins does Ivorypay support?

Ivorypay currently accepts USDC, USDT, and SOL. However, we plan to add more payment options in the near future.

Can I store my crypto on Ivorypay?

Yes, your business can use Ivorypay to store its cryptocurrency. Each of our clients is presented with a customized dashboard that allows them to track and manage their portfolios from a single location. Additionally, you can earn APY by staking a portion of your cryptos on Ivorypay.

What currencies does Ivorypay support for withdrawal?

You can withdraw funds in the following currencies: USDC, USDT, SOL, Ivry token, and Fiat.

How much does Ivorypay charge per transaction?

Ivorypay charges 1% on all local transactions.

Does Ivorypay help businesses accept fiat payments?

No, Ivorypay only accepts crypto payments.

What blockchain is Ivorypay built on?

Ivorypay is built on the Solana blockchain. Ivorypay leverages Solana’s high transaction processing throughput, rapid transaction completion time, and low gas fees to enable our clients to receive crypto payments quickly and affordably.