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Seamless Transactions with Ivorypay Checkout

Streamlining your e-commerce journey with fast, secure, and reliable crypto payments.

Who can use Ivorypay Checkout?


E-Commerce and Online retailers

If you're running an online store, Ivorypay Checkout allows you to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into your payment system, providing a fast, secure, and innovative checkout experience for your customers.

Service Providers

Whether you're offering online courses, digital downloads, or any kind of online service, Ivorypay Checkout gives you the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments easily and securely, expanding your customer base globally.


Subscription-Based Services

For businesses offering subscription services, such as online magazines, membership sites, or software as a service (SaaS), Ivorypay Checkout makes recurring payments hassle-free and secure with blockchain technology.


Charities and Nonprofits

If you're a charity or a nonprofit organisation looking to accept donations in cryptocurrency, Ivorypay Checkout provides a simple, trustworthy, and transparent way to do so.

Effortless Integration
Seamlessly integrate IvoryPay Checkout into your online store.
Secure Transactions
Experience safe and transparent transactions powered by blockchain technology
Global Reach
Cater to customers worldwide with cryptocurrency payments.
Reduced Fees
Enjoy lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods
Currency flexibility
Offer customers a diverse range of stable cryptocurrencies for payment.

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