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Fast and Easy Transactions with Ivorypay Payment Link

Simplify your payment process with secure, one-click cryptocurrency transactions.

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Who is Payment link for?


Social Commerce Entrepreneurs

Are you connecting with customers through social media and online communities? Our crypto payment link gives you the power to monetise your influence, making cross-border transactions effortless, secure, and innovative.

Freelancers and Creators

Are you offering services or products internationally? Bypass traditional banking hassles and receive payments in stable cryptocurrency effortlessly.


Non-Profits and Social Causes

Empower your mission across borders. Receive donations and funds in cryptocurrency, letting supporters worldwide contribute with ease.

Instant setup
Create a Payment Link within seconds, no technical skills required.
One-click Payments
Customers can make secure payments with a single click on the Payment Link.
Share anywhere
Send the Payment Link via email, social media, or any messaging platform.
Secure transactions
Rely on the strength of blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions.
Currency flexibility
Accept a wide range of stable cryptocurrencies with our Payment Link feature.

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