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Simple, Transparent pricing to suit your business

Get paid in crypto quickly and securely by your customers anywhere they are in Africa


On all transactions we charge


processing fee


No setup fees, no monthly fees, no hidden charges.


Supports all major stablecoins - USDT, USDC


Truly borderless transactions


Instant transaction settlement and withdrawals


Absolute access to our product suite

Transaction fee model

Transaction fee
Fiat payout fee

Payout to local bank accounts

RangePayout Fee
N5,000 and below
Between N5,001 and N50,000
Above N50,000
Note: Minimum withdrawal amount is N1500

Pricing related questions

We are quite sure you have a number of questions for us. Chances are it has already been asked by like minds as well. Skim through some of the questions we get the most.

How much does Ivorypay charge per transaction?

Ivorypay charges a flat rate of 1% on all transactions.

Which stablecoin does Ivorypay support for accepting payments?

Ivorypay currently supports USDC and USDT payments, with plans to add BUSD soon.

What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose value are pegged to the US dollars. They provide a reliable means of exchange and store of value. For instance, If you have one USDT, it’s the same as having one US dollar.

What withdrawal options are available on Ivorypay?

Businesses can withdraw funds in fiat into their bank accounts or in stablecoin into their designated digital wallets.

How long does Ivorypay take to process withdrawals?

Crypto withdrawals are usually processed within an hour, whereas fiat withdrawals may take up to 4hours.

In which country can I use Ivorypay?

Ivorypay is available to businesses in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya. However, businesses in these countries can accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

How often can I withdraw funds?

Businesses can make withdrawals as frequent as desired

Is there a maximum amount I can withdraw on Ivorypay?

There is no maximum to the amount businesses can withdraw.

What payment options does Ivorypay offer to businesses?

Ivorypay offers businesses multiple options to accept payments, including payment links, QR codes, or checkout buttons.

Who can use the Ivory Storefront?

Ivory Storefront caters specifically to small and medium-scale businesses, offering them a solution to eliminate the extra costs of building a website by providing user-friendly custom online shops to showcase their products and services for free.

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